Readers' Choice Awards

The Canada's Magic "Readers' Choice Inspirational Canadian Magician of the Year" award is intended to highlight and showcase the wonderful and diverse talent we proudly call Canadian. It's our hope that this annual tradition will assist in elevating the general public's awareness of all of our great magicians!

Readers' Choice Editor's Choice Beacons of Inspiration
Carisa Hendrix, Miranda Allen, and Richard Lee
Alex Zander Gwyn Auger, Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed, Magicana, Phil Pivnick, and Romaine
Mike Norden
Ted and Marion Outerbridge Gwyn Auger, James Harrison, Carisa Hendrix, Ryan Joyce, Ken McCreedy, The Sentimentalists (Steffi Kay and Chris Mysterion), and Anastasia Synn
Jeff Christensen
Mike Segal
James Alan, Jonah Babins, Ryan Brown, Greg Frewin, Carisa Hendrix, and Kent Wong
Ben Train
Julie Eng
Ryan Brown, Neil Croswell, Caiden Finch, and Murray & Teresa Hatfield
Steven Lafond
Mahdi Gilbert
Murray & Teresa Hatfield and Matt DiSero


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